Nicola Winstanley


The Caring Cards were designed in collaboration with and for Staffordshire University’s Creative Communities Unit. They are one of the outcomes of their 2013-14 Cultural Value study into the role art practice has to play in fostering empathy, compassion and understanding across geographical divides.

They are designed as a ‘toolkit’ component to help anyone seeking to design a project to creatively link communities separated physically or culturally. The information gathered in the study has been distilled into a pack of cards, separated into ‘plan’, ‘do’ and ‘review’ provocations and also ‘questions’ and ‘inspiration’ to support the user at all stages of the project.

This gallery contains the front of the cards only, to see the reverse side please visit the project blog.

As well as designing the cards and the Illustrations on the front, I was also a member of the focus groups that partly informed the study. I am very proud to have been a part of it.

There are plans for the cards to be printed in the near future.