Introduction to a new project.

Public Artist Nicola Winstanley will this year be turning her attention to Stoke, one of the 6 towns that makes up the city of Stoke-on-Trent. Nicola will be spending the next 9 months getting to know Stoke, observing the patterns and flows of daily life in the town and installing interventionist art to test her ideas and reflect her findings, with the aim of improving the day to day experience of people who live, work and visit Stoke.

As an action research project this project will continue the research she has been doing individually since 2014 with Acton:Art, and last year with creative Partner Sarah Nadin in the project ‘Counterplay‘. This research centres around the question: ‘What is the value of the Artist in the public realm?’

If you have any connections with Stoke and would like to discuss ideas, please get in touch. I will be charting the progress of the project on this blog, which will run from February to October 2016.

The project is kindly supported by The Seedbed Christian Community Trust Ltd.



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