Nicola Winstanley is a socially engaged artist who seeks to explore the relationship between participatory arts, perceptions of place and community action. By forging new relationships between art, people and place, Nicola believes that art practice can have a lasting effect on communities. She is particularly interested in engaging people who have no arts background and finding ways for art practice to improve their quality of life, and develop alternative future strategies.

With a background in 2D and 3D public art, Nicola has collaborated internationally with artists, makers and members of the public to make work that engages the public at large in art practices, for this she often works in partnership with artist Sarah Nadin as Winstanley & Nadin. She has most recently been working solo alongside academic researchers to evaluate the impact of ‘place’ on individuals and communities. Nicola has 10 years workshop and 8 years public consultation experience, as well as having designed and managed large scale public art projects.

Current areas of interest for Nicola are looking at the impact of artists on the regeneration process and researching how pernicious but predictable cultural and economic shifts manifest, in order to ward off its most damaging effects in the future of Stoke-on-Trent. She is also interested in how artist can operate in a more meaningful way in Stoke-on-Trent, particularly in promoting the usefulness of artists’ work and demystifying their motives and processes. Alongside this, she is hoping to advocate for artists’ involvement in local regeneration plans, particularly in town planning, public spaces, and social housing.


Curriculum Vitae

Creative Consultation and Evaluation

Nov ’17       ‘Man Up Consultation and Evaluation’ Ongoing. Examining participant engagement, its impact on male participants and the creative outcomes for performance company ‘Restoke’.

May ’16       ‘The Wedgwood Institute’ Creative Evaluation and consultation for The Prince’s Regeneration Trust to identify new practical purposes for a Grade II listed building.

Mar ’15       ‘Airspace 2013-15 evaluation’ Evaluating the practice and impact of Airspace Gallery’s programme of activities between 2013-15

Sept ’14-16 ‘Get Talking’ Residency with Staffordshire University, Stoke-on-Trent. Public consultation, consultation tool development and creative evaluation of the Appetite programme of cultural events.

Creative Research

Sept ’15     ‘Counterplay’ Action research project aiming to facilitate collaboration between artists and businesses in Stoke-on-Trent’s Cultural Quarter.

May ’14      ‘Reconnecting People with Art in the Public Realm’ Independent study report commissioned by Appetite Stoke.


Sept ’16     ‘Stoke-on-Trent Artist at Work’ 5-month residency at the ACAVA Spode Studios in Stoke to explore the impact of artists on the town of Stoke.

Feb ’16      ‘In our own Image’ 9 months residency in Stoke Town to explore the artist’s role in community life.


Associate of the Innovation, Enterprise & Scholarship Team at Staffordshire University.

Creative Evaluator for Participatory Performance Company Restoke.


NYP            ‘Stoke-on-Trent UK City of Culture 2021 report on Inclusion’. Co-author of a report identifying best practice for inclusivity in cultural programming, led by Keele University and the S-o-T Cultural Forum. The report will be included in the city’s new 10-year Culture Strategy.

Aug ’17      ‘Evaluation in Participatory Arts Programmes’. Authored Chapter 6 on ‘An Artist-Led Approach to Evaluation’. Edited by Sarah Davies of ‘A New Direction’, commissioned by ‘Creative People and Places’. http://www.creativepeopleplaces.org.uk/sites/default/files/Evaluation_in_participatory_arts_programmes.pdf

Feb ’16       ‘You Are Here Consultation and Evaluation’ Report examining participant engagement and its impact on creative outcomes. Commissioned by performance company ‘Restoke’. https://issuu.com/restoke/docs/eval_doc_final_small

Sept ’15     Appetite Year 2 Report commissioned by Staffordshire University’s Creative Communities Unit. Audience evaluation and evaluation tool review for Appetite’s 2nd yearly programme of cultural events. https://issuu.com/winstanleynadin/docs/report_gt_web_size2

Public Art Commissions

Jun ’13            ‘Mind the Gap’ Interactive Anamorphic sculpture, Wythenshawe Transport Interchange, Manchester.

Dec ’12           ‘UNEARTHED’ 6.8 metre commemorative sculpture and project, Stoke-On-Trent City Centre

Jul ‘12            ‘Around the World’ Vinyl installation, Astra Zeneca, Uccle, Belgium.

Apr ’12            ‘The Waterfall’ Ceiling artwork, Kings School, Wolverhampton.

Feb ’12           ‘The Pie Factory’ Vinyl on brick wall covering, Wednesfield High School, Wolverhampton.

Jan ’12            ‘Voices Through Corridors’ Vinyl illustrations, Walsall Manor Hospital.

Aug ’11           ‘Out of Darkness Cometh Light’ Vinyl exterior building installation, Wednesfield High. Wolverhampton.

Jun ’10            ‘Growth’ Exterior tile and internal vinyl installations, Stoke 6th form College, SO-T.

Oct ‘09            ‘Minimising Alcohol Harm’ Subway tile mural, Newcastle Under Lyme.

Other Commissions

Mar ‘11           ‘Quest for the Guild Key’ Multimedia graphics & 3D assemblage, Preston Guild 2012.

Jul ’14             ‘Caring Cards’ Set of illustrated cards to guide artistic practice, Staffordshire University (http://blogs.staffs.ac.uk/culturalvalue/resources/caring-cards)


Sept ’17     MA by Negotiated Study, Staffordshire University. Part time. Ongoing. Title: Socially Engaged Arts in Sustainable Regeneration.

Jul ’06        BA (hons) Illustration. Hereford College of Art and Design. 2:1

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