Planning The Future

“Why do they have to break everything?” This is the question some of the residents of Middleport ask as another window is smashed, another car is vandalised, another swing is pulled off its frame. Much of the destruction is pinned squarely on teenagers, which got me wondering- who are these teens? Why is destruction their […]

Stoke-on-Trent Artist At Work: The Exhibition

After 3 months and 159 hours clocked as the first resident artist at ACAVA Studios: Spode Works, I am exhibiting the resulting work there on the 10th February. Researching the value and impact of ACAVA Studios and of creative work in the city has been a duel experience; looking outwardly at the ripples being made by the studios on the site, […]

A Question

Up until the 1990’s in Stoke-on-Trent, every pottery factory and most major manufacturers like Creda, Michelin and Shelton Bar closed for the last week of June and the first week of July. This was known as The Potters Fortnight. Factories would cease production and undertake mainenence while employees took family holidays, traditionally to North Wales or (if […]

#sotaaw The state of the creative workforce in Stoke-on-Trent

Yesterday was the 22nd November, the first official Stoke-on-Trent Artist Census day which I organised to inform my residency at the Spode Works Studios in Stoke. With limited promotion I relied on my own network of local artists to help promote the activity- which was to document each working hour in the day via social […]

Spode Works Residency. Day 1

Backgroud: Having launched my Spode residency at the end of last month, I have to confess that this, the 18th October, is my first full day on the project. This tends to happen to artists; different projects, (both speculative and live) and multiple obligations rise up and draw back, simultaneously sometimes and in no neat fashion. […]