This page is dedicated to online experiments, designed to find out more about online culture in conjunction with the arts. You can be a part of every experiment here by following the simple instructions:


Experiment #001 ‘Youtube Curation No1: Birthday’.


1. Go to YOUTUBE

2. Type in your exact date of birth

3. Watch the first video that results.

4. E-mail the link to nicolaw.artist@gmail.com quoting “experiment #001” and I will add it to the collection here.


Sometimes the internet can feel like a large echo chamber; that what ever you want it to tell you, there is something there willing to oblige. Play these all at once or one at a time. If nothing else it is fascinating to see exactly just what you weren’t looking for the internet.



Born of an interest in the results of human filtering, this project is a follow on from CURATOR CREATOR which was made at living museum Elsewhere in North Carolina.”I am very interested in the process of curation, compiling a collection in this relatively arbitary way celebrates the shared process of curation rather than the outcome.”