Public Art

When I began working with particpants to create public art in 2009 I concentrated on permanent, visual public art projects; 2D graphic murals, ceramic printing, exterior and interior vinyl transfers and eventually sculptural work.

With each new commission, I worked with more students, employees and members of the public to create the artwork. With each new commission, I valued their input more. This is when I began to develop the ethos that public art is successful when the public help to make it. In many ways, this process led to my current practice, where audience collaboration is the main focus. My work during this period gave me many of the skills I use today to manage projects, subcontract fabricators, create 2D and 3D designs and visually reinterpret public spaces.

Image 1: Out of Darkness Cometh Light- The Peppered Moth. 2011. Wednesfield High School. Vinyl design made in collaboration with students for their new sports hall.

Image 2: Upside Down Waterfall. 2011. Kings School Wolverhampton. Printed vinyl illustration made in collaboration with students in the entrance hall of the school.

Image 3: Voices Through Corridors. 2012. Printed vinyl illustrations of spoken accounts of Walsall Manor Hospital from the 1950’s onwards. Photograph from the launch event.