The art of communication- A thought experiment

How can I create art in the public realm that communicates clearly to it’s audience? The research project I’ve been working on over the past 2 months grew from this question and out of the anxiety that, regardless of my ability to identify what is important to people, if I can’t communicate it successfully it can have no positive effect […]

“The Hacienda Must Be Built”

While ever-present ‘social networking’ dominates our online lives it could be said that our real, physical interactions are becoming fewer, more niche and more isolated from each other. It is easy to see why; Our thirst for companionship, connection and validation can be quenched at the tap of a screen. The convenience of social networking, the ability to […]

We need to talk about Hanley…and the living body.

During my recent interview with the Urban Planner, Mick Downs, I asked a series of questions about the geography of the area I’m studying and the validity of some of the artistic methods I am developing. My next question was What, geographically speaking, prevents the people of Stoke-on-Trent connecting with each other and their city as a […]