Nicola Winstanley


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Getting genuine feedback from audiences and participants can be difficult but the information can be very valuable to any producer or event organiser.

As part of partnership Winstanley & Nadin, Nicola first began designing creative evaluation tools for ‘Appetite Stoke’ as part of Staffordshire University’s Creative Communities Unit in 2014, using their research model ‘Get Talking’. This model places evaluation tools at the forefront of any information gathering. It aims to elicit more information and engage with more people than would respond to a standard person with a clipboard.

Since then, Nicola has designed, made and used many creative evaluation tools to engage the public in evaluation and research. Through experience, Nicola uses a set of personal rules to design creative consultation tools, which include paying attention to pertinence of the tool to the event, location and terrain, light and weather conditions, levels of anonymity, visibility and usability.

Nicola then gathers and interprets the data into a report and presentation, if required, to suit the aims of the organisation.

<< Ceramic mobile tools for a sound installation at The Big Feast 2014

Photographs of more consultation tools below.